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Tech news

March 2006

From the heart of Korea, Samsung have announced the first 4GB DDR DIMM. The product, aimed at servers, workstations and supercomputers, achieves it massive size through encompassing 36 1GB DDR SDRAM components. Donít expect a DIMM of that size to be ready to stick into your machine at home for some ... read more
No, not the annoying TV series but rather the omnipresent entity that influenced its creators and all thanks to Hitachi. The odd squad over there have come up with a surveillance system designed to keep tabs on wayward office workers.

According to reports from the Orient, the system uses... read more
Chief of Sony, Sir Howard Stringer, has declared that Sony are set to sell the PlayStation 3 hardware at a fairly significant loss. Now selling consoles in the first year or two at a loss is nothing new for console manufacturers, as the economies of scale in the back end of a machine's life and reve... read more
Despite valiant efforts on all fronts spam is still the bane of the web it seems. Recent figures lead us to believe that a whopping 70% of all e-mail traffic on the web is spam.

So, why is this? Why haven't the spam laws stemmed the tide? Well, it seems that your friendly, neighbourhood ... read more
Internet service providers who offer broadband services using BT's technology could be eligible for a share of a £1m marketing budget. The money has been set aside by British Telecom and will be paid out in grants to ISPs to help them promote their broadband services. ISPs have had to submit a propo... read more

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